How to shot a panorama selfie with WIKO

02 | 16

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How to shot a panorama selfie with WIKO

Taking a selfie with the front camera of your WIKO? Easy as pie… Taking the perfect panorama selfie*? Just for true Wikonautes!

Thanks to the 5 MP front camera with wide-angle lens of PULP 4G & PULP FAB 4G, you will be able to take amazing panorama selfies* (a.k.a. groufies) in a few simple steps.

Open the front camera of yout PULP and click on the A-icon to select the Panorama Selfie function. Then, tap on the shutter and slowly slide your phone, first to the right, then to the left. Once the image comes out as a panoramic shot, you can share it with your friends!

*The Panorama Selfie function is available also on HIGHWAY PURE after upgrading the software to Lollipop.

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