5 suggestions to organize your smartphone

02 | 19

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5 suggestions to organize your smartphone

Greetings to all those affected by chronical disorganization, to all the friends who forget about birthdays and who wear uneven socks. A warm good morning also to all those who fill their desktops with unspecified files, who have three copies of the same beach day picture on their smartphones and multiple applications they haven’t used since day 1. This mini-guide is for you! Compact but effective, it wants to suggest how to organize your smartphone so as not to go crazy and optimize space and time in your daily life. We are throwing you a life jacket, it's up to you to grab it on the fly!

The synchronized calendar

The calendar? What a stranger! Yet, it is comfortable and essential. Ideally, it should be synchronizable with your other devices, so you don't have to worry about missing dates, birthdays or appointments anymore. Also choose an app that allows you to draw up to-do-lists to create your own daily schedule. Small plus: the satisfaction of checking out a completed task. It's priceless.

Photos in the cloud

Having an app where you can conveniently save documents and photos is a key step in maintaining order. Using the cloud is twice as convenient. Why not take advantage, for example, of the Google Photo app, installed by default on our entire View2 range, to store your photos in the cloud? You'll save vital space in your memory.

Organize your shopping list

The jungle of apps is wide and extended and so are the supermarkets sometimes. Find an application dedicated to the creation of shopping lists, that can be shared with other family members, so that everyone can integrate and update it in real time.

Safety first and foremost

We now know: passwords must be alphanumeric, contain at least bunch of characters, including one capital letter, the square root of 3.14 and the Batman symbol. A complexity that requires an effort of memory that you just can not do? There are special apps that store the most complex and secure passwords, so that you no longer have to look for them in your memories.

Be reachable, but not always

7/7 and H24 - sounds like a futuristic mantra, but is increasingly our reality. Restrict the intrusiveness of apps if they expose you to a stress that never goes on vacation. Noteworthy messaging apps can be silenced and we can postpone notifications. Carefully select the groups you wish to participate in, so that you do not find yourself being a member of the "Christmas dinner 2024" group.

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