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Smooth multimedia. Crisp photos.

Space is a BIG DEAL! Extra display space in 18:9 format now comes with smooth multimedia and sharp shots. Plus, it’s totally accessible! This compact 5.45” HD+ display is ideally suited for one hand use. Capture and share crisp, detailed photos anytime with a 13MP rear camera. Fast performance comes built-in with 2GB RAM, 4G and a Quad-Core processor 1.3GHz.

Tech Sheet of Sunny 3 Tech Sheet of Sunny 3
Harry 2 displaying its wide screen while filming a sea coast landscape

Wide display.
Compact fit.
& handy

Wide display. Compact fit.

Immersion meets comfort in an 18:9 widescreen, with more usable space in a compact form for easy one hand use. Think Insta, Pinterest, tweets… with effortless browsing and less scrolling for a great visual experience on the 5.45” HD+ display.

Sunny 3 gold large display in the hand

Crisp and
creative images

Crisp and creative images

Sharp snapshots reflect the moment's details on the 13MP rear camera. Light capture is optimised in dark environments by the large f/2.0 lens aperture and 5P lenses. Enjoy a smart experience with Auto Scene detection, fine-tuning your setup for stunning portrait and night shots. Take natural looking selfies on the 5MP front camera, featuring Auto-HDR and Soft light flash. Creative inspiration comes easy to enhance your pictures on either camera with Live Portrait blur, Face Beauty. In motion, record speedy clips with Time lapse. Your memories are safely tucked away with 16GB ROM, expandable with a 128GB MicroSD card.

woman taking a selfie next to a pool

Fast performance.
Easy multitasking.

Fast performance. Easy multitasking.

Because daily life gets busy, switch easily from one task to another with 2GB RAM. Get streaming, tweeting, posting and more at 4G speed. It’s always a smooth ride with a Quad-Core processor 1.3GHz performing in the background.

a woman and a guy playing next to a pool


Practical experience

Featuring Android™ Oreo™ *, get faster performance, greater storage and the most recent updates. Unlock with a look with Face Unlock. Enjoy the juice for a full day’s use with the 2900 mAh battery. What’s more is that the Wiko User Interface includes the custom Launcher, Quick actions and Smart left page.

*Android is a trademark of Google LLC; Oreo is a trademark of Mondelez International, Inc. group.

Focus on Harry2 back cover with vibrant red color


Colourful spirit

A modern look compliments your sense of style in a choice of 4 fresh colours: Anthracite, Gold, Bleen and Cherry Red.


Smart folio display

Smart folio

Slim and stylish smart folio with a smart window and colourful new interface. See entry calls, notification counter and song info.

Protective case display

Clear protective case

Flexible material. Inner air tube for shock absorption.

Tempered glass display

Tempered glass

Ultra-resistant tempered glass. Touchscreen sensitivity ensured. Adheres perfectly.