Night mode now accessible to all

04 | 21

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Night mode now accessible to all

Live for the night!

For those who love to capture their adventures at night, Google has just updated Camera Go with a dedicated Night Mode, enabling enhanced low light shots on more accessible, easy-to-use devices. Wiko’s new Y61 and Y81 are among the first 3 smartphones in the market to roll out Night Mode!

Without Night mode
With Night mode

This latest addition to Camera Go is intended to bring key elements of high-end photography to more affordable smartphones under €100. The Camera Go app has been designed for specific camera modules on such devices, closely integrating hardware and software.

But, how does it work? Night Mode on Camera Go uses burst photography without the need for flash. This captures multiple images at the same time and combines them together. What you get are high-quality photos in 16:9 shooting mode, with more vivid colours and sharp details indoors and outdoors, no matter the lighting. It has a similar effect to night modes on higher-end smartphones, which capture multiple frames and merge them to highlight details and dynamic range in low-light, while reducing noise.

So, grab the latest Wiko Y61 or Y81 smartphones and get snapping in the dark!


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